CLEAR LAKE Wildlife Management Area

Clear LakeWildlife Management Area Photo 1

To an early explorer, it must have looked like another desert mirage, a dream, but Clear Lake is a wetland fed by more than one hundred natural springs.

Active management enhances the 6,150 acres of wetland and upland habitats. Clear Lake is a critical stopover point and important nesting area for waterfowl and shorebirds that hosts tens of thousands of birds representing nearly one hundred species annually.

These species include Harrier hawks, Canada geese, various ducks and avocets.

Wetlands are much more than a wet spot in an arid region; they are some of the most productive biological ecosystems on earth. Wetlands perform vital and often misunderstood functions in the greater scheme of life: They trap sediments and pollutants to cleanse the environment; they provide a nursery that shelters and feeds young wildlife; they provide a resting place for migrating birds; and they absorb water to control flooding and erosion.

Clear LakeWildlife Management Area Photo 2

This site is #69 in a statewide network of wildlife viewing areas. Pick up a copy of the Utah Wildlife Viewing Guide at a local resource agency office, bookstore or at periodic wildlife events and celebrations.

Sources: Clear Lake Waterfowl Management Area Interpretive Site.

Nearest town: Delta, Utah 20 miles

Access: Three miles of well-signed, well-maintained gravel road from Highway 257. More difficult access from Fillmore/Flowell with few signs and unmaintained dirt roads (not recommended in wet weather).

Contact Information:  2390 W 400 N #15 Cedar City, Utah 84720        (435) 865-6100