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What Is the Great Basin National Heritage Area?

Straddling the Nevada-Utah state line, the Great Basin National Heritage Area lies within its namesake drainage and desert. In 2006, Congress designated the area in recognition of its classic western landscape: high desert valleys and biologically rich mountain ranges sprinkled with farms and ranches; historic mines and railroads; archeological sites; and tribal communities. The GBNHA includes all of White Pine County, Nevada; Millard County, Utah; and the Duckwater Shoshone Reservation. It is home to two National Historic Landmarks (the Nevada Northern Railway and the Topaz WWII Japanese American Internment Camp); several state parks, and Great Basin National Park. In total it covers nearly 16,000 square miles —an area as large as the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts combined— but has only 21,000 residents.

What Are National Heritage Areas?

National Heritage Areas are places where natural, cultural, historic and recreational resources combine to create a cohesive and distinctive landscape. Congressional designation enables NHAs to receive federal funding through the National Park Service that is leveraged by local entities to conserve, interpret and promote heritage resources. Designation does not confer any new federal jurisdiction or regulations on an area and has no impact on private property rights.


What Is the Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership?

The Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership is a grass roots organization incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization and is the official coordinating entity of the Great Basin National Heritage Area. We award grants that support locally-driven heritage initiatives. GBHAP-sponsored projects include collection of oral histories; musical and dance performances; museum exhibits; and restoration of historic artifacts. Through projects such as these, we aim to preserve the heritage that makes this place special, while making those features central to a vibrant and sustainable local economy.
We are a group of local people who believe that stories of our area have national significance, and who also recognize that those of us who live here need to have easier access to the history and stories around us. The Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership's endeavors are based upon our belief that preserving and interpreting for the public the archeology, history, geology, and natural history of this area will have great benefits not only for the intellectual enrichment of those who live here, but for sustainable economic development of this economically depressed area through increasing heritage and cultural tourism. 


Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership Board of Directors

Ely Shoshone Tribe
Delaine Spilsbury

Duckwater Shoshone Tribe
Virginia Sanchez

Goshute Indian Reservation
[currently vacant]

Kanosh Indian Reservation
[currently vacant]

Millard County, Utah
Scott Bassett
Ron Draper
Abe Johnson (Vice President)
Kirk Memmott

White Pine County, Nevada
Lori Drew (Secretary/Treasurer)
Carol Ferguson
Dan Gooch
Greg Seymour (President)


Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership Staff

Brandi Roberts, Executive Director
P.O. Box 78
Baker, NV 89311

Elizabeth Woolsey, Program Manager
P.O. Box 78

Baker, NV 89311

Susan Wetmore, Bookkeeper
P.O. Box 78
Baker, NV 89311