Horst & Graben

The Adventures of Horst & Graben

Who are Horst & Graben?

Horst checks out the Success Loop Scenic Drive.

Horst (pronounced like "horse" with a "t" on the end) is a bighorn ram who lives in the mountains of the Great Basin National Heritage Area. He loves hiking the trails, walking through the wilderness, and exploring all the natural wonders that the Great Basin National Heritage Area has to offer. You can find Horst wandering in groves of ancient bristlecone pines, crawling through caves, and gazing up at the night skies.

Graben (rhymes with robbin) is a domestic sheep at home in the valleys of the Great Basin National Heritage Area. She loves the rich history of the area and learning more about how people interact with the landscape. You can find her roping calves on ranches, riding the steam train in Ely, and listening to sheepherders tell stories of their winters on the West Desert.

"Horst & Graben" is a term used by geologists to describe the topography of the Great Basin (and other areas as well) that is caused from the earth's crust being stretched thin and cracking. Along the long, parallel fault lines, blocks of bedrock lift up creating mountains while other blocks drop down and form valleys. This forms a pattern of basin (graben) and range (horst). For more on horst and graben geology, visit our site : https://onlinecasino61.com.au/casino/real-money-casino

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horst_and_graben

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