Mt. Moriah Wilderness Area

Mount Moriah Photo 1

The United States Congress designated the Mt. Moriah Wilderness in 1989 and it now has a total of 76,435 acres. All of the wilderness is in Nevada.

If you set out to explore this territory, you will be in the northern Snake Range, bounded on the east by Snake Valley and on the west by Spring Valley. Stretching north and west of 12,050-foot Mount Moriah is a plateau known as The Table, a unique world of subalpine vegetation lined with bristlecone and limber pine. Dry piñon-juniper forestland dominates a large part of the lower elevations here.

Four year-round creeks provide watery homes for Bonneville cutthroat trout, but the heart of the area tends toward the parched, requiring you to carry all your water. Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep scramble around Mount Moriah, but visitors are few (most come to hunt mule deer or grouse). The rugged topography is at least partially to blame.

Mount Moriah Photo 2

About 50 miles of fair to very poor trails give access to the area. Some of Mount Moriah Wilderness (6,435 acres in the north) lies on BLM land and is managed by the Ely District Office. Great Basin National Park lies just to the south.

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North Snake Range, Nevada (north of Great Basin National Park)