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The Great Basin National Heritage Area is located in Western Utah and Eastern Nevada.

The Great Basin National Heritage Area straddles the Nevada-Utah border and lies at the crossroads of US Highways 50 and 93. It can be reached by car from Salt Lake City, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Reno, Nevada. Although the distances are great, the ride is scenic and you won't find yourself stuck in traffic.  Getting here can be an adventure in itself. Scroll down specific information on how to get here, or go to our other pages for information on Accommodations, and Activities

Also, you can do some research on your own to obtain more specified information. For example, you can go to the website here and read one of the latest articles about this Area or just type "The Great Basin National Heritage Area" in Google search.


Distances to Towns within the Great Basin National Heritage Area 


Distances between Towns in the Great Basin National Heritage Area


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A visit to the Great Basin National Heritage Area is all about the scenery and other heritage features. Expect star-filled night skies, spectacular sunsets, and vistas that stretch to distant horizons. Expect friendly people and clean, affordable accommodations, and a suprising variety of sitesw to visit and activities to engage in.  

To make sure you make it home safely from your Great Basin adventure, please keep the following in mind: Cell service is spotty, and GPS directions are not always accurate: an old-fashioned paper map is your best bet. Much of the Great Basin is still OPEN RANGE, so slow down and give wildlife and livestock space. Always carry plenty of water and make sure you have enough fuel: it's a long way between gas stations!